Blessed Are You, Who Has Brought Us To This Season
aluminium, plastic, tulle, thread, natural materials

“Blessed Are You, Who Has Brought Us To This Season” is an evolutionary installation, consisting of a built structure modeled on the Jewish tradition of the Sukkah. The timing of Artist Ramble aligns with the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, our celebration of the harvest and the turning of the seasons. This tradition aligns with my art practice, as my textile work deals with the sanctification of time in relation to my body and the natural world.

The specifications for a Sukkah are simple: it must have at least three walls and you must be able to see the stars through its roof. “Blessed Are You…” features a frame with sheer tulle walls. These semi-transparent walls provide a thinner barrier than a traditional Sukkah, emphasizing our connectedness to the environment. Multiple tulle pockets are installed on each wall, catching and holding the fall’s debris, a passive harvest of leaves, twigs, and pollen. This ongoing action is participatory, not only with visitors who may place natural materials within the pockets (and in doing so strengthen the Sukkah’s structure), but also with the Hapgood Wright Town Forest itself, allowing the trees themselves to fill its walls.

The title of this piece also comes from a translation; the Shehechiyanu, my great grandfather’s favorite prayer. It is recited on special occasions, and when trying something new. It is a prayer of thankfulness that we have reached this day. It offers hope for the future, one where we might rely on gratitude, mutual aid, and community to build a more just world.