5”x 7” (each)
yarn, lake level change 

These weavings graph the change in water levels of Flathead Lake in 2023 (left) and 2019 (right). Each piece measures water level from June 1-Sept 30 in the respective year. A bright green row means the level went up from the previous day, grey it stayed same, black it decreased. From the concentrations of green and black it can be seen that that this year the lake level dropped far earlier in the season than in 2019. This has been attributed to a lessened snowpack in the glaciers that feed the lake, as well as regional drought.

love/a word left in a pocket 

eight weeks of blood 
nylon, menstration data

Each row of weaving is a day in the menstrual cycle, dark pink is bleeding, light pink is not.

tulle, hardware, reclaimed wood, nails, 5 lb weight

the river is valley wall to valley wall
tulle, cotton, hardware, reclaimed wood, nails, duct tape, stone